About us

Company Profile

In the early 1990s, a few music educators, performers and manufacturing professionals co-founded Guangzhou Romance Musical Instruments Co.,Ltd. They have one aspiration: to supply music lovers with high-quality musical instrument strings and accessories. From the start, production of Romance has been guided by profound understanding of music and rich experience in manufacturing.

Through years of exploring, Romance has acquired advanced technology and R&D capability. We have a team of experienced luthiers, visionary engineers, passionate designers, string specialists, acoustics experts and instrument performers. They have kept improving Romance products in quality and creativity.

Since 2003, Romance has committed itself to research and making of computer controlled automatic winding machines and ball-end attaching machines. Meanwhile, we keep adopting advanced machinery from abroad. The automation rate of our equipment is now over 90%. Romance not only keeps upgrading machinery for production but also exploring for new materials. Being advanced in producing and using of new materials, we have been awarded national patens.

With years of development, our production plant now covers about 30,000 square meters, and accommodates more than 1,000 machines run by experienced technicians. We have adopted quality and production management system of international standards, to supervise the complete procedure of production, from raw material processing to end-product packing. Romance has been meticulous to make sure output and quality is up to customers’ expectation. We currently supply customers from more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

“Alice”, “Winner” and “Romeo” are the primary brands under Romance. There are more than 2000 products, mainly guitar strings, bowed instrument strings, traditional Chinese instrument strings and musical instrument accessories. Romance strings feature melodious timbres, accurate tuning, comfortable feel and good durability. Our accessories are known for fashionable design and premium material. Thanks to careful classification of our products, music performers find it easy to choose for their playing styles and music genres.

Romance upholds the spirit of “Be brave to innovate, beyond the times”, keeps supplying music lovers with high-quality products, and dedicates to contribute to development of music industry.