To help erase your puzzles toward Alice and Alice's products, we have collected the most frequently 

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01. What is Alice?

Alice, together with Romeo, Winner, and Eversound, are the four sub-brands belonging to Guangzhou Romance Musical Instruments Co., Ltd.

Alice is a reliable and professional instrument accessories supplier selling more than 2000 various musical instrument accessories, integrated with product research and development, manufacturing, and sales. 

02. When was Alice established?

Established in 1999, we have been manufacturing and selling quality musical accessories for over 24 years. By keep investing in the enhancement of product quality, we have grown into a well-recognized brand supplying musical instrument accessories and gained a large group of fans consisting of music performers and music lovers.

03. What does Alice sell?

Alice is one of the primary brands under Romance, which sells a wide range of musical instrument accessories. Some of these accessories include but are not limited to Alice strings, guitar picks, different types of capos, guitar machine heads, and more. Our products are designed to meet a diverse range of music lovers’ needs.

04. Does Alice professional in musical instrument accessories production?

Alice loves music just as much as you do. Alice’s team has participated in the most prominent professional music trade shows held in Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. We are invited to share our expertise on musical instrument accessories in some music magazines, including Musical Instrument, Guangdong Musical Instrument World, China Musical Instrument Sourcing, etc. The below prizes, titles, and certificates are all proving our professionalism.