Why Should You Choose a Great Capo for Classical Guitars?

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  • Time:2022-01-21

Playing classical guitars while singing alone is relaxing for people to clean up their thoughts and feel at peace. But an awkward situation may break your passionate performance – that is out of tune. Singing songs that are out of your range can make this happen, especially when the whole song is five keys lower than your most comfortable range.
That’s where a capo for classical guitar comes into play. With a capo for classical guitar, you can essentially shorten the length of each string, resulting in a higher pitch and tone. 

Changing the Tone with a Capo Vs. Other Methods
Capo is not the only way to raise the tone: there are a few ways you can go, including special tuning and changing fingering method.

Special Tuning
You can try to tune the strings manually, which, of course, comes with its own set of caveats: firstly, it needs a great sense of sounding to hear the differences while changing the tune; secondly, you may break the strings while doing so if you accidentally make the strings too tight. 

Changing Fingering Method
Second, you may play the correct tones by adjusting your fingers on the strings. But if you’re not an experienced and skilled guitarist, you may not be able to pull this off because it requires fast movement, and sometimes the moving lengths are too long for your fingers to reach.

Using Capo
Last but not least, you can buy a guitar capo and use it to adjust the tones. Using the best capo for classical guitar is, of course, the ideal way to go about the situation. Not only does it eliminate the risk of manually adjusting the strings and breaking them, but it also doesn’t require you to be a top-class guitarist with excellent skills. Capo for classical guitar is the easiest way to adjust the tone. 

Why Should You Use an Alice A007D Capo for Classical Guitar?
After choosing a capo as your tool to raise the tone, the next step is to find a high-quality one for your classical guitar, and Alice is proud to introduce its A007D capo for you. It has the following advantages:
1.It puts an even tension on the strings.
First and foremost, the Alice A007D capo for classical guitar doesn’t put uneven tension on the strings as special manual tuning may. It puts an even amount of force on all the strings, so no uneven tension is exerted on any of the strings. As a result, you get a much more solid and safe experience; you get all the perks of special tuning without the associated risks. 
2.It doesn’t cost as much for a replacement.
As a capo is a third-party guitar component, it can be replaced individually. If something goes wrong with the capo and it breaks or stops working for any other reason, all you need to do is to get a replacement for the capo, and you’re good to continue playing your classical guitar. On the other hand, if you damage the guitar while trying to tune it manually, that may cost a lot more to fix. All in all, using the Alice A007D capo for classical guitar is a much more financially-stable decision than other options. 
3.It doesn’t make the strings too tight.
If the third-party extension makes the strings too tight or loose, it will affect the tune coming out of the guitar. Luckily, with a capo for classical guitar, you can avoid such problems. By choosing a high-quality option from Alice, you can essentially get the perfect fit for your guitar. The strings don’t get too tight, so you don’t go out of tune no matter which music you play. 
4.It doesn’t shift the tone with loose strings.
Last but not least, a capo helps you counter loose strings too With Alice's perfectly-balanced capo for classical guitar, your strings will never be too loose. As a result, the tone doesn’t shift away from the ideal pitch unexpectedly. You can pick the Alice A007D capo and get consistent and high-quality output. 

A Final Word
Alice has gained tremendous popularity since its inception. Over the years, we have achieved numerous awards and qualifications for selling high-quality musical products. By introducing the automatic winding machines, we provide consistent strings for worldwide customers.

If you’d like to get your hands on buying guitar capos for classical guitar that don’t make it too loose or too tight, check out our wide portfolio of products.