5 Misunderstandings About Using a Capo for Classical Guitar

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  • Time:2022-03-01

A guitar capo is a small device capable of creating magic as it completely changes the pitch and key of the entire guitar. Capo can expand your vocal range, shortening the string length, and most importantly, allowing the guitarists to keep the audience entertained for a long time as they do not have to use their hands.

However, many misconceptions about this device make novice musicians drop capo and give up taking advantage of its abundant benefits.  

The usage explicitly depends on a person's need, choice, and tuning needs. Whether a novice decides to pick capo for classical guitar to simplify his lessons or a professional to create beautiful pieces, the choice should remain independent from negative associations.


5 Misunderstandings about Capo for Classical Guitar

There are a lot of confusions associated with capo usage, and its use often is referred to as cheating when played on guitar. Here we are debunking popular misunderstandings about capo for classical guitar below to make things easier for you. Keep reading to find the truth:

1.“Capo is Only for Novice Players.”

Using a capo is a skill and choice that anyone can opt for. Popular singers and songwriters use them as they allow them to play on different keys without having to adjust the turning keys. This lets the guitarists change the pitch of open notes without changing fretted notes.  The tool assists singers in shifting the keys up to a scale that best suits the vocalists.

2.“Using Capo is Cheating!”

Popular singers have been using a capo for classical guitars for decades. Creating good music is everyone's dream, but only a few blessed and skilled people can do it, and if they use some tools to assist them in work, it cannot be called cheating. The skills with which a guitarist plays his guitar remain the same whether they use a capo or not, so referring to capo as cheating is baseless.

3.“You Don’t Need a Capo After Learning Barre Chords.”

A barre chord is a type of chord played by using one or more fingers to press multiple strings across a single fret of the fingerboard. However, after learning this technique, the need for capo does not diminish entirely. Capo is extremely important for creating distinct tones and allows you to perform open strings for acoustic guitarists and create a fuller sound.

4.“Professionals Never Use a Capo.”

Professionals are the ones who mostly motivate others to use capo for their music. We have seen numerous guitarists effortlessly develop distinct tones, which is often done by using a capo. Although the electric guitarists use it randomly, the acoustic guitarists have always remained their fans. Some of the few examples include Keith Richards, Mark Knopfler, George Harrison, Tommy Emmanuel, The Edge, etc.

5.“Capos Can Only Clamp All the Strings.”

Other than clamping all the strings, a capo can do a lot more. From changing the keys instantly to producing brighter sounds, a capo can tighten part of the strings with its petite structure. Users can easily explore the difference in timbre, I.e., the tone or quality of the sound. This lets you produce beautiful variations in your songs.


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