How to Remove the Buzz Sound of Your 6-String Classical Guitar?

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  • Time:2022-04-07

Buzzing is a normal occurrence for any guitar player. It does not matter if you are playing a double-necked electric rock guitar or a 6-string classical guitar model – some slight buzzing will appear while you are playing. The goal is to either use that sound stylistically or eliminate it as much as possible so that it won’t distract from your performance.

Many artists integrate any guitar buzz sounds into their performance to make everything seem more realistic. In our heavily over-produced musical soundscape, hearing slight imperfections could actually differentiate your performance a bit from the mainstream. However, if you do want to remove that buzzing sound, here are a few tips.

The Factors that Cause Buzz Sounds and the Solutions for Each

We have organized a quick list of some of the more common reasons behind a 6-string classical guitar getting a guitar buzz sound. These are ordered by the most likely to the fix that requires the most effort.

  • Pressing the String - Many guitarists press on the strings during playing to emphasize vibrato or add stylistic changes to the tonal quality of the note. Blues, rock, and funk musicians are well known for this practice, as are traditional 6-string classical guitar players. If you reduce the pressure that you are using for this practice, the buzz will be lessened.
  • Lower Tuning - The lower you tune your guitar, the looser the strings will be in response to less tension. This creates more buzzing. Either make use of a capo or reset the tuning to a higher key.
  • Strumming/Picking Hard - 6-string classical guitar requires a lot of finger-playing, leading to intense strumming or picking of each string to emphasize dynamics. You can reduce the buzz effect during this style by pressing harder on the fretboard to ensure the note resonates better. You can also increase the action, so there is more space between the strings and fretboard.
  • Low Humidity - When an acoustic guitar gets dried out from lack of humidity, it tends to brittle or loosen the string tension. This is common in places like the American Southwest that are used to desert climates. Try to keep your guitar in about 45-55% humidity to ensure the playing integrity.
  • Location of the Pickup - This is not a problem for 6-string classical guitars but more for electric models. The pickup is where the magnet of the pickup meets metal strings. If they are too close, they will rasp and buzz when vibrating. You need to adjust the pickups so no closer than 2mm-3mm.
  • Low Action - The lower the action, the more likely the strings will resonate with the guitar's body. This naturally creates more buzz. You need to strike a balance and adjust your action, so the buzz is minimal, but the strings' height is not so much that it makes your playing sloppy.
  • String Gauge - Every type of 6-string classical guitar string has a different gauge, material, and design. That means you will get a different sound from the strings you used to play. This is especially the case if you are playing a set that you are not used to. The only method to fix this is to purchase a different gauge or to practice enough that you find the right balance of buzz.

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Wrapping Up

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