Round Core vs. Hex Core Guitar Strings: How do you Choose?

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  • Time:2022-09-07

A guitar string contains plenty of elements, including materials, gauges, winding types, coating, etc. Each element affects the tone produced by the strings. The core shape of the guitar string is an important feature. Round core and hex core strings are the most popular and commonly used types.

This article will discuss the differences between the round core and hex core guitar strings and how to choose between them. Follow up and keep reading!

Differences between Round Core and Hex Core Guitar Strings

The core wire of round core strings is cylindrical, and their central core is in full contact with the outer wire. On the other hand, a hex core string's central core has a hexagonal shape, with six sides and corners. The outer wrap wire, during the manufacturing process, into the hexagon wire's six corners rather than making full contact with the core's entire surface due to its shape. At present, both shapes of cores are popular in the market. Some of their characteristics are as follows.


When the string is plucked, the core and wrap wire can move as a compact unit. As a result, the round core strings produce a deep and mellow sound with a rather retro tone. On the other hand, the hex core strings have a brighter and sharper tone. In addition, the hex core strings produce a more pronounced attack in voice. Therefore, they have better punch and clarity to meet the demands of modern players.

At first, hex core strings are noticeably brighter than round ones. However, hex core strings tend to dull faster than round strings due to the accumulation of dirt in the gaps of the hex core strings.


It's well known that maintaining intonation is essential for guitar playing. In general, hex core strings are more stable in tuning than round core strings. Because hex core strings can "grip" the outer wire more firmly than round core strings, it helps maintain the tension throughout the string and prevents them from being out of tune. Therefore, hex core is particularly suitable for blues players, which prefer to play a lot of glissando and vibrato(both have a large probability of pulling the strings out of tune).

Round core strings don't have as much grip as hex core strings. Therefore, in some cases, the tension in holding the core and wind wire is lost, resulting in a slightly stiff tone.


The core and outer wire of the round core strings are intertwined for greater fluidity and flexibility. The core wire of the hex core string goes into the outer wire for winding together. However, this construction results in a stiffer hand-feel.. In conclusion, round core strings are easier to bend than hex core strings.

People Suitable for Round Core Strings

● People like playing soft music, such as folk, country music, etc.

● Guitar beginners

● Players looking for string durability

People Suitable for Hex Core Strings

● People who like playing music with strong rhythms, such as blues, rock, etc.

● Players who prefer strings with strong grip and stability

● Players who pursue good vibrato and glissando

● People who don't mind changing strings frequently

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