Introducing Alice Strings: Elevating the Art of Sound with Premium Instrument Strings

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Everything You Should Know about an 8-String Mandolin

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Daniele Defranis Visited Alice for Feeling the Best Classical Guitar Strings

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To find the best classical guitar strings, Daniele Defranis, a composer, arranger, teacher, concert performer, and guitarist from Milan, Italy, has come to Alice’s factory and felt Alice’s guitar strings in person.

Alice FAQs

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This article is an FAQ for you to learn more about Alice Strings.

The Complete Guide to the Types of Guitar Strings

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The article mainly discuss the component of the guitar string and the types of guitar strings with the example of three types of guitar (acoustic, electric, and classical guitar).

Guitar Strings Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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The article mainly discuss how guitar strings are classified, and how to properly maintain them. Let us take a look!