Do Heavier Strings Sound Better?

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This article will mainly discuss whether heavier strings sound better.

How Tight Should Guitar Strings Be?

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This article will offer a guide on the tightness of guitar strings.

Choose the Best Alice String Set for Summer Fun!

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With an Alice string set, you can feel confident anywhere, knowing your instrument will sound its best. Forget the sweat and grime build-up this summer.

Everything You Should Know about an 8-String Mandolin

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The mandolin is important to bluegrass since it is part of the unique tone and style that the genre creates.Without a doubt, mandolins have made their place in various genres and styles of music.

Daniele Defranis Visited Alice for Feeling the Best Classical Guitar Strings

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To find the best classical guitar strings, Daniele Defranis, a composer, arranger, teacher, concert performer, and guitarist from Milan, Italy, has come to Alice’s factory and felt Alice’s guitar strings in person.

Are 4 String Ukulele the Same Thickness?

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This article will mainly discuss the ukulele, including its introduction, types of string materials, and the reason for the different thicknesses of strings.