low tension classical guitar s
low tension classical guitar s
low tension classical guitar s
low tension classical guitar s

AWR19 Classical Guitar String Set,Ti-Gold Color Crystal Nylon String,Silver Plated Copper Winding,Nano polished coating

• Plain String: Crystal Nylon Plain String
• String Core: Multi-Filament Nylon core
• Wound Strings: Silver Plated Copper Winding
• Coating: Ultra-thin Anti-Rust coating
• Color: Ti-Gold Color
• For classical guitars, concert strings

It won't go wrong with AWR19 low-tension classical guitar strings from Alice. We are experienced in nylon string and Nano-polished coating guitar string manufacturing.
Plain strings are made of crystal nylon, and wound strings are made of silver-plated copper with ultra-thin anti-rust coating. Dedicated to advanced concert performance, they feature crisp, clear, gentle yet bright timber and rich harmonics. 

Ti-Gold color crystal nylon renders a brilliant appearance and definite trebles. Tin copper gives the basses a full-rich timbre, good resonance, and extra endurance.
• String gauge:
-H (hard tension)   
-N (normal tension)
0.028  ,0.032,0.040,0.029w,0.035w,0.043w
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