Top 6 Differences Between Hard Tension Strings Guitar and Normal Ones

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String tension is the measurement of how hard a string is pressed to achieve its desired pitch. When your strings finally finish their mission, and you are finding new strings for replacement, a dilemma between choosing normal tension strings and hard tension strings may make you hesitate before purchasing the most suitable strings.
In guitar playing terms, tension refers to the effort it takes for you to strum your guitar. The weight of the pick, the thickness of strings, and their tension – all play a role in how hard you must work when playing music on your instrument. 
Choosing between hard and normal-tension strings is a real struggle for newbies. Continue reading if you're looking for more in-depth information on the reasons why a guitarist would want to play with normal or hard strings.

Classification of Strings Based on Tension


Normal guitar strings are used for rhythm playing and add a bright and shimmery tone to the song, causing it to sound richer in overtones. They have more volume than other kinds of guitar strings, but they move more loosely around the fret, making them easier on fingertips - this is why they are best for beginners who use guitars more sporadically. 

Hard tension

Hard tension strings are a bit harder to push down on the fingerboard (or fretboard) but generally speaking. They're not so hard that it is impossible to play with them. Their sound tends to be slightly duller, but higher tension strings are louder overall. With low action, this amplified loudness more than makes up for any possible loss in clarity of tone that comes with using high-tension strings.

Top 6 Differences between Normal and Hard Tension Strings

The thickness of the string

The thickness of the string is to do with the normal and hard tension strings offered by the manufacturer. If analyzing the thickness of the strings between normal and hard strings of the same brand, the difference is obvious. Hard strings are thicker and offer more tension than normal strings.

Strength of plucking

Hard tension strings classical guitar feels completely different compared to the normal one. The former’s strings are physically harder to press down against the fretboard. Even though they are harder to press than low tension strings, you may not notice this extra effort when you play. On the other hand, persisting with high tension strings can strengthen your left hand and give you a higher volume.

Buzz sound

If you have a stronger hand, hard tension strings are worth the investment. They do not buzz sounds even on heavier hands. However, normal tension strings cause a buzzing sound with heavier hands. On the contrary, the tight strings are tolerant to the aggressive touch, so hard tension strings are the savior for those who prefer hard touch.


Hard tension strings are tighter and require more force to play. In contrast, the normal tension strings are lighter to play. As the hard tension makes the resistance more prominent and can hinder the guitar play, normal tension strings are preferable for those who like slight or less resistance.


Vibrato is the tone color that is most prominent and strongest for a guitarist's palette. Normally vibrato generates on a classical guitar by rolling the hard finger and varying the string tension. It means that for vibrato, normal tension strings are more sensitive than hard tension strings.


String tension plays a vital role in the tone and volume of the sound. Normal-tension strings produce sharp sound initially, which will settle down later. In contrast, hard tension strings produce a consistent tone and minimize pitch blends. 

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