Pluck the Latest Alice Guitar Strings at NAMM 2024 (America)!

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  • Time:2024-01-26

The NAMM show ( National Association of Music Merchants) is an annual event in the U.S., also known as "World's Largest Trade Event for The Music Product Industry." Like every year, it will be held at Anaheim Convention Center, California. It is a massive event that provides a platform for domestic and international dealers in the music industry to showcase their products. 

As one of China's leading manufacturers of musical instruments and accessories, Alice showcases our latest collection of guitar strings, guitar picks, and string winders. Due to our exceptional quality, Alice guitar strings already hold a strong global presence in music accessory manufacturing.   


NAMM 2024: At A Glance 

The NAMM Show 2024 is running from Thursday, Jan 25 to Sunday, Jan 28. The event showcases the latest advancements and innovations in music, sound, and technology. It brings together manufacturers, distributors, retailers, artists, and music enthusiasts worldwide.

Event Highlights

NAMM provides business, learning, and networking opportunities to people from different corners of the world. There is a huge exhibition of musical instruments, audio equipment, and the latest innovations in sound technology. The organizers have also scheduled different conferences, live musical sessions, drum circles, and networking opportunities for business professionals, musicians, and music enthusiasts attending the show. It's a great chance for musicians and professionals to connect and build long-term relationships. 

Alice Guitar Strings and Other Products For NAMM 2024 Exhibit

There is a whole range of different products, such as Alice guitar strings, ball ends, string winders, etc, with the latest and upgraded features that people can go and visit at Alice's stall in Hall D, booth 3525. We will take a look at the best accessories for guitar by Alice for NAMM 2024:

New Electric Alice guitar strings: AWR588, AWR598, AWR59J

AWR588: This Alice guitar strings set is specially designed for professional electric guitars. Its nickel steel winding offers excellent durability, making it an ideal pick for people who want to experiment with rock, blues, and other strong musical genres. 

AWR598: Made of a chromium alloy, these strings offer optimum tone performance with a rich range of overtones that add depth to the music. This makes it perfect for people who want to start playing harmonics. 

AWR59J: One of the latest from Alice's guitar strings collection, these strings have a golden alloy winding with multi-nano coatings. This coating provides a protective layer with a smooth feel that reduces finger fatigue and improves playing comfort.

Electric Bass Guitar Strings: AWR68

Crafted with nickel-plated alloy winding, these Alice guitar strings have advanced electromagnetic properties for rich harmonics and tenuto. Ideal for professional musicians, electric basses, and concert settings.

Classical Guitar Strings: AWR19T

These strings are made of titanium nylon with silver-plated copper winding. This combination makes it an ideal pick for classical guitar enthusiasts who want to practice with a stable sound and deep, rich tones. 

Acoustic Guitar Strings: AWR49J

Alice AWR49J is made with phosphor bronze winding and nano-coating that protects the strings from wear and produces warmer and fuller sounds for harmonics and fingerpicking. It is designed for people who want to experiment with jazz and country music.

Guzheng Strings AWR885

Alice AWR885 Guzheng strings are perfect for beginning and intermediate guzheng players, especially for traditional guzheng concerts. The strings are made of high-quality nylon that offers a clear, bright sound with resistance to breakage.


Alice Guitar Strings: Latest and Upgraded Features

As a leading manufacturer of professional guitar strings, Alice is continuously employing the latest technologies to develop high-quality modern strings such as:

1. Acoustic Strings Crafting Technology - 3 Set Pack

Numerous innovations in acoustic string crafting technology have been made, such as nano-film coating, laser polishing, and cryogenic treatments. These coatings and micro polishings increase the strength and durability of the strings and enhance the playing experience. These strings are also available in a pack of 3 sets ( 6x3), so you don't have to order a completely new set every time.

2. Electric Bass String Materials

Electric bass guitars are usually preferred by professional musicians for concert performances. Alice uses alloyed wires such as Phosphor bronze, stainless steel, and nickel plating, providing distinctive tones for people playing rock, jazz, and fingerstyle.


3. Ball Ends

Alice also designs strings with ball ends for headless guitars like Steinberger models. These guitars don't have the traditional headstock where strings are turned; therefore, ball end strings are necessary to function.

4. Guitar Pick  

Various guitar plectrums are available in different materials and thicknesses, such as nylon, wood, and celluloid. Each shape, material, and thickness affect the volume and tone of the string.

5. String Winder 

Alice offers basic and multi-function string winders. These are some of the most essential guitar accessories used to remove bridge pins, cut off excess strings, and remove tuning pegs for cleaning and replacement. These handy tools help you maintain the quality of your guitar strings.


Alice is one of the leading global manufacturers of musical instrument accessories. With highly professional research and design technology and a string production and development laboratory, Alice continuously provides the best quality equipment for modern and traditional music enthusiasts.