Why Does Alice's Top Guitar Strings Become One of the Best Choices

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  • Time:2022-02-23

The concern about guitar strings is always the first problem that any guitarist encounters. It is not until you have bumped into a satisfying brand that you can stop exploring the world overwhelmed with various guitar strings with jagged quality. What the flourishing guitar strings market brings is not only the multiple choices but also the decreasing rate to get top guitar strings replacements in several buys.

Most guitarists looking for string replacements choose Alice as a top choice for their guitar string supplier. Alice becoming the leading brand among guitarists is the commitment to quality, performance, and highly durable materials. The sound quality distinct these strings from the rest of the crowd and makes Alice strings the true replacement for the guitar strings as a cost-effective solution. 

Why Did People Choose Alice’s Top Guitar Strings?

As found in the comments, Alice has received countless praising comments from all over the world, including Australia, England, India, and other countries. From the conclusion of their lauds and approvals, we find the reasons why Alice’s top guitar strings are prevalent among the guitarists.

1.Good performance

According to the comments, the sound of Alice’s strings is clear and warm. The good performance is attributed to Alice’s comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing unit with the music and automatic winding machine, which provides consistent strings with the same good quality.  

2. Anti-rust

The top guitar strings manufactured at Alice have copper plating with a special anti-rust coating, making them pass through the quality test for erosion and oxidations reaction. That is the reason why there are so many comments in which people show their surprise about how durable the strings are.


Despite using premium and anti-rust materials, the Alice guitar strings are cost-effective. The manufacturing process is 90% automated, which results in efficient and cost-effective production. Moreover, the top guitar strings are worth the investment due to their extremely comfortable feel, accurate tuning, and premium quality.

4.Long life span

The Alice strings have a long life span due to the extensive testing that they pass before getting into the consumer's hand. There are more than 12 tests to check the various aspects ranging from tensile strength, erosion, hardness, elemental analysis, acoustic performance, feel, and more.

5.Extensive product lines

Alice is famous for producing top guitar strings, and we have extensive product lines which supply more than 2000 products, including traditional Chinese instruments strings, guitar strings, and musical instrument accessories. No matter the product, the premium feel, design, and material remain the attention center for the musicians looking for quality strings.

How Does Alice provide Affordable Products with Good Quality?

Despite all the premium standards and material quality, Alice remains affordable for guitar lovers. Our success in providing cost-effective products relies on the following factors:

1.Advanced machines

The top guitar strings by Alice are produced on advanced machines. Each machine is related to production, quality testing, and analysis of the final production.

Automatic producing machine

Alice utilizes many automatic producing machines that eliminate the need for manual labor for quality guitar strings production. These machines include hexagonal core automatic rolling machines, fret wire machines, automatic winding machines, ball-end attaching machines, and automatic rolling machines.

8 quality-control testers

The growth and sustainability of Alice's top guitar strings highly depend on the strict quality control testers. The manufacturer has set up a dedicated quality and control test center to test the products against certain quality parameters. There are eight quality control testers, including tensile strength tester, salt erosion tester, and more.

4 scientific R&D analyzers

The huge success of these good classical guitar strings is not only the quality testing but also the scientific approach. The research and development base utilizes the scientific analyzer to detect the properties of the strings. The finest example is a spectrum analyzer that tests the strings' volume, damping, timbre, and pitch.

2.Creative R&D team

A senior research and development team is working at Alice, devoting itself to increasing the R&D capability and launching more innovative products. The team includes visionary engineers, string specialists, instrument performers, acoustic experts, passionate designers, and experienced luthiers—each line focus on improving the quality of the top guitar strings for guitarists.

3.Multiple qualifications and certifications

Our years of experience and building products focused on quality yielded numerous qualifications and certifications for Alice. The quality management is ISO9001:2015 certified while our top guitar strings have earned an International Standard Product Marketing certificate. Besides that, there are dozens of certificates and qualifications to rank Alice at the top of the other brands when it comes to the guitar strings.



Alice is a reputable brand based in China with a vast production line. We have more than 2000 products around various modern and traditional guitars. Our durable, affordable, and cost-effective products remain of high quality due to our strict quality standards, experienced research, and talented team. So, don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about our exquisite products!